10 Benefits of Merino Wool

  1. Helps regulate body temperature in cold and heat

Keeps you warm – the fibers have a natural crimp that trap air and insulate keeping you warm. Keeps you cool – the fibers absorb your body’s sweat and wicks away the moisture keeping you cool.

  1. Durability

Merino wool fiber is long and 6 times stronger than cotton.  It can be bent over 20,000 times before it breaks where cotton breaks after 3000 times.  Due to its fine fibre, Merino wool is incredibly elastic and able to retain its shape after years of stretch, wear and repeated washing.

  1. Odor resistant

Because Merino wool is so breathable and wicks away moisture and sweat so well it minimizes the environment for odor causing bacteria to grow.  Because of this you can wear it longer without washing or smelling.  Air out your Merino overnight to freshen it up.

  1. Keeps you dry and sweat free

Merino has high ability to wick away moisture away from your skin by absorbing it into the fiber.  It then moves the moisture through the fabric and evaporates through the exterior into the air.  Merino can absorb 30% of its weight in water without feeling wet.  It still insulates you when wet.  Merino will not feel wet until to the touch until it absorbs around 60% of its weight in moisture.

  1. Washable

It is machine washable in cold water.  Some clothing items do suggest hand washing in cold. Line dry is best.

  1. Quick drying

Because of its moisture wicking ability and releases water easily it dries quicker.

  1. Wrinkle and stain resistant
  1. UV resistant

Merino has a natural UV barrier keeping you protected.

  1. Natural, Renewable, Biodegradable

Wool is a natural fiber from sheep. One sheep can grow four to five pounds of wool a year.  Wool is biodegradable within a few months to a year depending on soil conditions.

  1. Fire resistant

Merino typically will not melt or burst into flame.

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